Many positive steps are occurring that are aimed to improve customer Support Services. We at Coe Manufacturing are 100% committed to Customer Satisfaction. We’ve implemented several new programs that are dedicated to improving communication between our Sales and Service Representatives and you, the customers we value.

The first program implemented was our 24/7 Customer Support Hotline at 503-268-4093. Customers are encouraged to call this line where basic information is collected and then forwarded on to the Field Engineering Professional best suited to handle your emergency situation in a timely fashion.

In an effort to establish more consistent communications with our customers, geographic territories are being mapped and assigned to regional Sales Representatives. Of course, dialogue with the Sales Representatives you have relied on will continue, but you will also hear from the newly assigned regional Sales Representative who will discuss new product and service offerings as they become available.

Another important addition is the Parts Reference Catalogs designed to make ordering Genuine Coe™ OEM Parts faster and much more efficient. The Veneer Dryer Parts Reference Catalog was released this past Spring. The following items are scheduled for Autumn release and include subsections of the Veneer Lathe Line, the Coastal High-speed Planer System, Fiberboard Dryers and Moore Dry Kilns produced at our Tigard, Oregon facility. The goal is to distribute Parts Reference Catalogs that will cover our ENTIRE product lines by year’s end.

Other Product and Service offerings include the option to lease capital equipment engineered and built by Coe; several upgrade packages with attractive promotional pricing; technical bulletins with valuable safety information regarding your Coe Manufacturing equipment and Software and Maintenance Agreements. Another goal is to make our website,, a tool for you to find out what Coe has to offer now, and what you can expect in the future. All promotional materials are kept current and will be posted there first.