Coe D*TEC’s Scanning and Optimization technology comes with 25 years of proven industry leadership. The D*TEC family of products for the lumber segment of the forest products industry includes log, cant and board optimizers. For the plywood industry, both veneer and panel scanning are included. Our system architecture utilizes advanced modular technology. This design approach allows for easy upgrades of existing D*TEC equipment. Technological obsolescence need not be a concern.

Coe Platen CleanerAnother key benefit of a Coe D*TEC system is D*TEC 2000 Windows® which allows the operator to view real time operational data about each piece. These views include 3D perspective and detailed information displays. Man-machine Interface provides for intuitive graphical interface to allow for quick monitoring access and control adjustment of the mechanical line. Data can now be remotely accessed utilizing Windows® based network connections.

Whether your requirements are for Sawmill, Planer Mill or Plywood Machinery, Scanning and Control Systems, the engineering staff of Coe D*TEC is ready to design the perfect system to help you maximize your profits while minimizing your costs without sacrificing product quality.

Who should attend?

This seminar is offered to all interested personnel. It is recommended for all
individuals who will be working with the D*TEC™ 5000 System on a regular basis as well
as supervisors. The course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Quality Control and Maintenance courses.

D*TEC 5000 Bioscan
D*TEC 5000 BioScan™ 4x Screen-shot. Note defects plotted on the board edges.

Seminar Content:

• Introduction to Coe Manufacturing and the D*TEC™ Optimizer
• Basic Scan Frame components
• Basic Computer components
• Scanning and Optimization system operation
• The user interface
• Plot menu Selections
• Lumber Database Basics
• Price Database
• Reports and QC
• Mechanical and Optimizer Databases
• Calibration
• Exercises in optimization
• Lab time

Chipping HeadFeatures and Benefits:
• Training tailored to your mill’s needs
• Hands on Database training including database building
• Problem solving techniques
• Question & Answer periods
• Demonstrations on the Coe Training devices

Seminar Length

The seminar is designed to be 2-1/2 days in length. Time is adjusted for the individual
students and mill situations. The classroom portion of the seminar is typically 1-3/4 days
with all remaining time spent in the D*TEC™ 5000 Lab and using the demonstration PC’s.

Seminar Materials:
• Trainee Guide with space provided for notes
• Instructor presentation
• Exercises in database manipulation demonstrating typical problems encountered in the mill environment
• System calibration/ alignment guidance
• Upon successful completion the students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion

There is no knowledge prerequisite for the basic seminar. Each student should have knowledge of the mill
production goals, and each mill should provide a list of products produced and the
dimension rules associated with them.

During the training, students will learn:

1.0 Introduction to Coe Manufacturing and the D*TEC™ 5000 Scanning and Optimization System
2.0 Physical components of the Scan Frame
2.1 Alignment fixtures
2.2 User adjustable features
2.3 Components of the Scan Frame
3.0 Physical components of the Computer Systems
3.1 Optimization Computer
3.2 User Interface Computer
3.3 Power Supplies
4.0 Scanning and Optimization – Putting the components together
5.0 The User Interface with individual sections dealing with each database
5.1 Plot Screen Information
5.2 Lumber Database Parameters
5.3 Reports setup and information as well as quality control data
5.4 Mechanical Database
5.5 Optimizer Database
5.6 Diagnostics
5.7 Calibration
5.8 Utilities including multiple database management
6.0 Hands on utilizing the Coe Manufacturing Training System and Training PC’s
6.1 Alignment and Calibration procedures
6.2 Database setup and manipulation
6.3 Troubleshooting common problems

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