Providing both outstanding design and technical expertise, Coe Pathex has earned it’s industry leadership by being the only North American firm that offers complete conveyor belt manufacturing lines.

Coe Pathex has built presses up to 52’ 6” in length, with a width capacity up to 10’ and pressure to suit your production requirements. We offer you a choice of multiple press opening for the production of both fabric and steelcord belting.

Pathex Conveyor Belt PressEach press is designed to meet your specific manufacturing requirements and high tolerance specifications. Our engineering expertise allows us to provide presses that can be either down-stroking or up-stroking. The down-stroking design is especially well suited to areas where deep foundations present special problems. This design can reduce the cost of installation substantially.

Our installations boast the latest in control technology which allows a degree of automation in conveyor belt manufacturing. Our control system can ensure that all functions are done in their proper sequence to achieve the highest degree of process repeatability in the marketplace.

Each Coe Pathex press is completely erected and tested in our plant prior to delivery. Ease of operation and closer tolerances are key components of every installation. We are pioneers in the development of presses, automated handling systems and process machinery for the manufacture of industrial rubber products and decorative and industrial laminates, as well as for the woodboard industry.

We have dedicated people who possess the technical knowledge and expertise to produce quality products that meet the criteria of every customer. Strict quality control through all phases of manufacturing ensures that we deliver precision equipment.

Coe Pathex Presses and Press Systems are installed globally. When purchasing a Coe Pathex press or press system, you are purchasing durability and reliability. With that purchase comes our commitment to provide you with exceptional Customer Service from Sales, Parts Service, Field Service and training. We also provide a full range of associated equipment to meet every production need.

Pathex Press SystemsOur products for the Rubber Industry:

• Batchoffs
• Conveyor Belt Presses
• Belt Building Tables
• Steelcord Lines
• Letoff and Windups
• Finishing and Repair Presses
• Platen Cleaners
• Safety Chucks
• Hot Platens
• Matting Presses
• Tire Retread Presses, C-Frame or I-Frame
• Rubber Molding Presses
• Fabric Calendar Lines
• Circular Presses

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