History – From Initiative to Innovation

sawmillThe year was 1852, and the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of two businessmen, Harold Hayes Coe and Leonard Anderson, developers of the first Rotary Veneer Lathe, allowed Coe Manufacturing of Painesville, Ohio to grow from a small manufacturer of sawmill machinery to a global provider of innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for the wood industries.

In 1912, innovative thinking by William Newnes, and later by his son Ray and grandsons Doug and Bill, was what allowed a small blacksmith shop in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada, to develop a sawmill machinery manufacturing business, Newnes Machine, with a reputation for service and quality. Innovation led the company into the fields of electronic control systems and optimization in the ’80’s. Through a joint venture relationship with McGehee Equipment of Ukiah, California in 1996, the company evolved into a world-class provider of Sawmill and Planermill systems for the wood processing industry. This rich history is what attracted Coe Manufacturing to acquire the joint venture enterprise in 2002.

coe sawmill“Product Innovation and Service Excellence” is what makes Coe a global industry leader today. Employing the latest technology, talents of our design teams and experience gained thru long-standing relationships with our customers, we continue to develop the high-performance, quality-rich solutions that the wood industries have come to depend on to meet ever-changing needs. Innovative thinking by Coe Manufacturing led to the development of the first Rotary Veneer Lathe, the Veneer Dryer, and the computerized X-Y Charger. For Newnes/McGehee it was the Vertical Bin Sorter with Live Bin Walls, pioneering the development of Optimization in the Planermill, Cant Curve Sawing system, RoboGuide® Linear Edger system and the integration of Mechanical, Controls and Optimization into practical, reliable wood processing systems.

Recognizing the need to offer the newest and most reliable technology to our clients, Coe has expanded through several acquisitions. This expansion allows Coe to provide comprehensive, sophisticated machinery solutions that meet the diverse needs of manufacturers in the building products industries. Several well-known brand strategies provide Coe with the necessary resources to design the most effective system tailored for manufacturers of veneer, plywood, lumber, panel board, wallboard and engineered materials. A century-long relationship with the Forest Products industry has supported Coe with these endeavors.

planermill systemCoe, your “single supplier solution” for:

  • Veneer Systems
  • Sawmill Systems
  • Planermill Systems
  • Scanning and Optimization Technology
  • Panel and Plywood Press Systems
  • Dry Kilns
  • Engineered Wood Systems
  • LVL Systems
  • Excellence in Customer Support, Service and Training

The legacy of the pioneering spirit sparked by the founders allows Coe to offer a new generation of state-of-the-art products and solutions to our clients. Our next innovation is already in the works.