It can be a scary moment for anyone to propose to their partner. Some may have already bought the engagement ring but would take months before they get the courage to ask their partner. It is also not always the man (or the person taking the male role in a same-sex partnership) who makes the proposal. As can be seen in videos lately, some women initiate the proposal. This phenomenon may have never been heard before in previous generations. It is good news for everyone as this goes to show that people now put more value into gender equality. Who says that only men can propose, right?

Proposing can be nerve-wracking, and some people even enlist their family and friends to join them in the proposal. Family and friends act as safety nets when there is a lack of confidence on the part of the girl/guy. It is interesting how proposing can be hard for many, given that you already know that you want to get married to your partner, and you’ve been together long enough for you to arrive at this decision. It might be because of the feeling that there is no turning back after the proposal, so the stress can be real and gets more hectic like forgetting to book a live band for your reception’s wedding entertainment.

If you ask those who have popped the question, many will say that the feeling can be overwhelming that you get lost for words on how to describe it. Getting to this day can get you restless sleep, probably unending doubts, and a rundown in your head on how you want to do it.

Of course, everyone would want their proposal to be perfect. But it cannot be avoided that there are mistakes you get to commit, no matter how much you have prepared for this day. You may have picked the right location, the perfect setting, booked a dinner for two, and enlisted your family and friends for help. Everything is just on point. And then, when the time to pop the question comes, you realize you’ve forgotten the ring, the most important thing on this whole setup! Don’t get to this worst mistake if you don’t want to get a “No” or “Maybe” from your partner.

Sparks fly as fireworks jumps out with wedding proposalHere are some common mistakes people make when proposing to their partner:

1. Forgetting the ring

As mentioned, forgetting the ring is the worst you can do on your proposal day. Even if you have perfected all your gimmicks, if you forget the ring, you lose sight of the highlight of this day. Do not entrust the ring to anybody else. When preparing for the day, the first thing you must pack is the ring. Tuck it in your bag, or wherever it is most convenient for you. Remember, the ring is the highlight of this event, so don’t forget it.

2. Beating around the bush

We understand that you are nervous and you may not know how to start proposing to your partner. However, it is best to be straightforward than to beat around the bush, with your partner not knowing what you mean about all the things you are saying. Beating around the bush is a sign of nervousness, but this feeling must not get into you and push you away from your goal.

Your engagement day is a crucial event in your relationship. Do not lose sight of the most critical things on this day. Make it memorable and something that you will enjoy looking back to in the future.