Blogging has now become easier with lots of do-it-yourself options for everyone to choose from. Some may want to have a start-from-scratch site where you have to use HTML and CSS techniques. Some prefer to use a template where they just plug and play all the elements that they want to put in. And others want a Lego-like website builder where they get to set up their site as if they are putting up a PowerPoint presentation.

Great content makes a lot of differenceBefore, it was incredibly difficult to put up a blog because people had to know coding before they get to set up one. Fewer people know how to code than how to write, so the discrepancy in the number of people who want to write and publish, and those who can help realize this dream, has been a reality in the past. Today, thanks to self-publishing platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly among others, anyone can set up their personal and business websites in minutes. Because of this low barrier to entry, there are now more blogs than ever before.

However, due to this low barrier to entry, the number of low-quality blogs has increased, too. Seeing poorly made blogs is not new; but these days, it is now more common to come across one that could even get excellent search engine rankings. It is sad that search engines haven’t been so diligent to crackdown on these kinds of websites. But thankfully, thanks to online algorithms being smarter, more people are now enjoying good-quality sites getting on top of search engines.

If you’ve been thinking to start a blog, or have been wanting to improve your blog’s audience reach, where do you start?

To answer this question, a San Diego SEO agency thinks it is best to look through the mistakes that you must avoid when setting up or upgrading your blog. It is easy to know the things that you should do. However, it is easy to miss the things that you must avoid, especially if you’ve been excited all along to publish a blog.

Here are the top blogging mistakes that we’ve learned from 2017:

1. You are too formal

A blog is supposed to be an online journal. It is like sharing your diary for everyone in the world to see. Therefore, it is essential that you write as if you are talking to your friend. If you write as if you are addressing a speech to a group, you are detaching yourself from the majority of online readers who want an alternative read. If you are too formal, you are not writing for a blog, but for a newspaper. Use the active voice more than the passive voice, and be aware of this switch whenever you prepare your articles.

2. You publish inconsistently

Engaging your audience with regular blog postsTo grow your audience, you need to let people know that you are committed to building your blog. Therefore, posting regularly on the same day is essential. If you publish three times this week, then none for the next week, you are doing your blog a big disfavor. People hate inconsistency, so make sure you follow a posting schedule where you plan the articles that you want to post accordingly.

These are some of the biggest blogging mistakes people make. Avoid these if you want to continue growing your audience!