Is your Coe™ Manufacturing Equipment Producing at Maximum Potential?

Eliminate Costly Emergency Repairs and Non-productive Downtime with . . .

Visual and Infrared Diagnostics

Coe™ OEM Preventative Diagnostics Comprehensive Report Provides:
• Detailed Description of Your Equipment
• Infrared, Visual and Technical Analysis Identification of Equipment Deficiencies
• High Resolution Images that Pinpoint the Precise Location of the Problem Section
• Overall Diagnostic Evaluation of Your Equipment System by Engineers who Designed It
• Recommendations on how to Optimize Efficiency of Your Equipment

What Coe™ Diagnostic Services can detect!

Coe™ OEM Trained Engineers, using state of the art equipment and proprietary software, are able to identify these and other problems:

preventive maintenance• Corrosive and loose connections
• Alignment installation issues
• Vibration problems
• Worn components
• Excessive heat loss, leaks and bad seals
• Valve problems
• Hydraulic problems
• Problem bearings and bushings
• Overheated motors
• Power overload
• Blocked cooling parts
• Bad windings
• Lack of lubrication
• Cylinder problems
• Excessive energy dissipation
• Insulation problems
• Power supply problems
• Electronic controls problems
• Cold/Hot spots

Another Value Added Reason to Purchase Coe™ OEM Parts & Equipment! Credit for 1 (One) full day of IR Diagnostic Services if you purchase $50,000 U.S. Coe™ OEM Parts and/or Equipment within 90 days of your first scheduled Diagnostic Evaluation