Sheet masks are all the rage in the beauty market these days. They are very popular in the K-beauty skin care regime, and most of the popular faces in the beauty and fashion world are seen endorsing different types of sheet masks. For those who are still hibernating, K-beauty means products in Korean skincare. It is an easy way to improve your skin texture and quality within a short period and also one of the important parts of the famous Korean skincare routine.

What is a Sheet Mask?

A sheet mask is a sheer fabric that is shaped like a face and is soaked in solutions known as serums. The sheet can be made of paper, gel, cloth or other fibers. In case of traditional, paste based masks, one would have to make the paste, apply it and then remove it by washing. But if you use a sheet mask, all you need to do is unfold it, apply it to your face, remove the mask after the required time and then rub the serum into your skin. These masks are individually packed and ready to use. There is no making a paste or washing it off the face to get results. Because of their ease of use and amazing results, sheet masks are a highly recommended skin care routine.

Korean sheet masks made popular by beauty bloggersHow to Use Sheet Masks?

Clean your face, unfold the sheet and apply it to your face. As the sheet is in the shape of a face, it goes into the right places. There are holes for nose, eyes, and mouth. It can be applied anytime and does not even have to be washed off after an application.

Do’sof Using Sheet Masks

  • Do clean your skin before using the sheet mask. Even without wearing any layers, like makeup, the mask will work best if you wash your face and clean it thoroughly before applying the sheet mask. The serum will be absorbed well and deliver quick results.
  • Do use sheet masks whenever you get time or when you want to. There are no restrictions on the number of applications for these. You do not have to fix a time to try this mask, as it is ready to be used. You can apply it on your face and are free to do whatever you want, like watch TV, take a nap or read.
  • Do take the plastic film off the mask before application. Some masks have a film of plastic to cover the serum. When applying, remember to check for this and remove the extra film.
  • Do rub the serum on your face and neck after the application is complete. These masks are designed in such a way that the serum gets absorbed into the skin and will dry out. There are no residues and no need for washing.
  • Do read the instructions on the masked packet. The masks come with instructions on use and the amount of time they need to be kept on the face. The time is determined through lab tests, and one must use the mask as per instructions for best results.
  • Do try to use sheet masks based on your skin type and skin condition. There are different masks available in the market for different uses — for example, moisturizing masks, skin tightening masks, anti-aging masks, etc.
  • Do apply the sheet mask to your face carefully and ensure that it adheres to your face like a second layer of skin. It must stick to the skin as much as possible, so absorption happens in the right way.
  • Do use a moisturizer after the application when the serum has dried.

Applying the sheet mask on the faceDon’ts of Using Sheet Masks

  • Don’t wash your face after the sheet mask application. The serum in the sheet is designed and developed to be absorbed by the skin. The serum is light and will not leave any residue on the face, post application.
  • Don’t throw away the excess serum in the package. The package of the sheet mask has the equivalent of one full bottle of serum. Not all of this stays on the mask so you may have some liquid inside the package after you have removed the mask. This is an extra skin care serum, and you must not throw it away. You can use it on your neck, décolleté or hands.
  • Don’t use a moisturizer before the application of the sheet mask. The moisturizer might create a layer that will affect the absorption of the serum. Similarly, don’t leave makeup on before application.
  • Don’t keep the mask on for too long. Once it starts drying out, means the serum and nutrients have been absorbed, and you take the sheet off. Also, if the sheet has become dry, it may suck the moisture back out of your skin.
  • Don’t wash your face or neck post application, as it would remove the moisturizers and nutrients the skin has absorbed.
  • Don’t ditch your regular skin care regimen, with the thought that the mask will take care of it. Your regular skin routine is important to maintain the quality and texture of your skin.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your face. The sunscreen is very important for your skin as it protects your skin from damages that masks cannot repair easily. So, it is better to be careful and use sunscreen when you go out.

Final Thoughts

If you have been disappointed with a sheet mask, it may have to do with the way you have applied it. Using a product, the right way goes a long way in giving the right results. Korean sheet masks are a great solution for skin care. It doesn’t take much time, it isn’t messy, and there is no cleanup involved. Masks that comprise an application of a paste are time-consuming to apply and remove.

Moreover, when they dry on the skin and if cracks form on the surface, they can reflect on your skin too. Whereas this is not an issue with sheet masks. Sheet masks are a sure and easy way to get fresh, soft and supple skin in a short period.